We are JUST CLIMB – the premier indoor climbing gym in Hong Kong. Our climbing dream begins since 2011.  Upholding our vision “Dream.Joy.Climb” and our mission “Everyone can climb” firmly, we never stop on promoting sport climbing in the community with various climbing courses, fun days, events and projects being conducted to arouse public’s interest and attention towards climbing. The “Just Climb Cup” is one of our biggest annual highlights.

Just Climb Cup is a local bouldering competition being planned and organized by Just Climb. It was first being held as to celebrate the establishment of the Just Climb Climbing Gym and most importantly, to consolidate regional climbers and to provide a professional competing platform for climbers to interact with each other so to activate the climbing industry and that the general climbing standard can be upgraded.

In 2015, we took a huge step forward that the competition was being held in a public shopping mall – Olympian City 2! More contestants were being accepted and a large number of spectators were enjoying the 2-day exciting competition, probably their first time as well since it is rare for a bouldering competition to be organized in a public area in Hong Kong. Last but not least, the Just Climb Cup was being included in the promotional event calendar of IFSC (International Federation of Sport Climbing) for the first time!

With the abundant experience and impressive achievement gain in the past years, we are confident that the “KAILAS x JUST CLIMB JC Cup 2017” will definitely be another marvelous competition!   

Come and be part of the amazing event!